Aspect Ratio Calculator

by Magnusson Productions in Scripts and Addons

Ever Wondered What the Correct Resolution Should Be?

A director and editor I worked with were doing the final exports for a short film.  There was one task left: they needed to give it a cinematic aspect ratio.  They ended up scrambling the Internet for over an hour to not only find out the correct resolution for that aspect ratio, but how to get the software to export it correctly.  To me, it seemed like such a trivial issue.  This should never be an issue on any project, especially for us Blender-ers.

What Does This Addon Do?

My add-on calculates the aspect ratio of your choice and implements it either for your render or your final composite.

"Let's Not Blow This Out of Proportion"

 No need to pull out your calculator or Google the resolution! Input the ratio, and the add-on applies it to your render's current resolution.  It makes previewing your animation with a given aspect ratio a snap!

Want the cinematic black bars on the top and bottom?  In the compositor, the calculator generates a node setup to give you that perfect look.  And better yet, none of your color data is lost in your composite!  The node setup uses a scene-referred color space, so your render will still look its best.

"Aspect Ratio, I Choose You!"

You can either use one of our presets or input your own aspect ratio, and the addon will do the calculating for you.  You can focus less on implementing the aspect ratio, and more on getting your animation out on time.


1.1 - Sleeker UI, added portrait mode functionality to both composite and render