Animated Tree Pack (16 Trees)

by EdenWeby 3D in Models

The animated Tree pack bundle is a collection of 16 meticulously crafted tree models specifically designed for use in Blender Cycles. This asset bundle offers a diverse selection of animated trees, each possessing its own unique characteristics and animations. these trees are low poly

How to install

The asset browser allows us to tap into other blend files that together can form an asset library.

By default, Blender will create a User Library with a path to your Documents/Blender/Assets. You may need to go into your documents folder and create these folders first if Blender doesn't do it automatically.

Any Blend file that is stored in this folder is part of the asset library. Blender will look at all of them and add all objects, materials, poses and world materials that is marked as an asset to the asset browser of any opened Blend file.

We can change where this asset library is located on the hard drive. We can also add more asset libraries or remove existing ones, including the default. Follow these steps.

To to Edit->Preferences

  • Go to File paths
  • Expand Asset libraries
  • Click the plus sign to add a new asset library
  • Select a path
  • Rename the asset library

You can also press X in front of any existing asset library to remove it. The data stored in the library is maintained. It is only the link to use that folder as an asset library that is removed.

Trees Asset Browser

These high-quality tree models feature realistic textures, intricate details, and smooth animations, bringing your scenes to life with vibrant and dynamic vegetation. Whether you're creating a forest, park, or natural landscape, this bundle provides a wide range of tree species, including oaks, pines, maples, and more, to suit your project's needs.

Animated Trees

Each tree within the bundle is fully animated using Blender Modifiers and Animation Curves, enabling you to effortlessly incorporate them into your Blender projects. With the flexibility to customize and control 

By utilizing this animated Tree pack bundle, you can save valuable time and effort in creating lifelike trees from scratch. The ready-to-use nature of these assets allows you to focus on the overall composition and storytelling of your project while effortlessly populating your scenes with beautiful and captivating trees.

With their seamless integration into the Blender environment, the animated Tree pack bundle provides an essential asset for any animator, designer, or artist seeking to enhance their visual creations with stunning and realistic tree models.

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