290 Creature Brushes Bundle + 50 Model (70% Off)

by HosseinHatami in Surfacing

This Product include  290 Creature Brushes Bundle + 50 Model,... (70% OFF)


This bundle product includes 290 brushes designed for creating detailed skin textures and roughness on various models of reptiles, dragons, or any other creatures. With these brushes, you can quickly and easily complete your projects and give them a beautiful finish. This pack has been released with an exceptional discount, so make the most of it.

The collection consists of 9 product, each following different themes, including brushes for creating wooden or stone creatures. The key features of these products are: brushes compatible with both ZBrush and Blender software, alongside 50 three-dimensional models in FBX and OBJ formats.

Having such a diverse pack covers a broad spectrum of your character design needs, making it cost-effective in terms of both time and expenses. Our support team is always with you, and we would be thrilled to hear about your experiences using these products so that we can progressively offer you more optimized services.

 Thank you very much.

Information about this product:

      • VDM Brushes (( Zbrush ))
      • VDM Brushes (( Blender ))
      • Catalog
      • video Tutorial
      • IMM Brushes [ ZBrush ]
      • OBJ
      • FBX

      • ADD : 

        (( VDM Blender ))      

        From now on, you can easily add VDM Blender brushes to your cartoon tools in the following way and use them easily.

        File/Append / Load file

        All the files in this bundle are usable in Blender (3.5) or newer version


      Products in this bundle:

      Reptile and Dragon Skin Brushes Vol 01

      Reptile and Dragon Skin Brushes Vol 02

      Reptile and Dragon Skin Brushes Vol 03

      Reptile and Dragon Skin Brushes Vol 04

      Reptile and Dragon Skin Brushes Vol 05

      Reptile and Dragon Skin Brushes Vol 06

      Reptile and Dragon Skin Brushes Vol 07

      ROCK Brushes / Creature skin VDM Brushes Vol 08

      Wood Brushes / Creature Skin Vdm Brushes Vol 09


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      Instagram : @eragon624

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      Published 4 months ago
      Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
      License Royalty Free
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