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Would you rather pay upwards of 100's of Dollars for Rock Packs, or Photo-scanned rocks; Or have a material that will do all that for you, for less than 10 Dollars? 

Welcome to True-Rocks, the Fully procedural rock material. (included free in True-Terrain)

True-Rocks is a fully procedural rock material, that uses a dash of Colour Nodes, a pinch of Math Nodes, and a BUCKET OF MAGIC, to fully realize that Porous Rock in true PBR style.

True Rock allows you, to either add, 1 of the 13 Rocks I've created to your scene, or append the materials to your own models, and create Truly Procedural PBR rocks. Even better, I've included a 16k HDRi world for you to light your scenes beautifully (that's more than 10 Dollars alone!)

If that wasn't good enough for you. Free updates for life, and no price hikes when I add content! 

"Okay, but why would I need this?"

ROCKS ARE EVERYWHERE, Literally... Everywhere. A Rock can be the difference between a flat boring environment, and a truly lively one

That's why I've painstakingly created this new shader. Not only that, but I've also created several Variants of it, for Rocks of all different sizes; all so YOU don't have to mess around with scaling each texture, and then creating a new user and renaming it all... (which can be annoying)

On top of all of that; I have included a Procedural, gravity based dust shader with over 30 options to customise (you can even change the 2 overlay colours and have snow?)

The Magical thing about this; The Dust shader can be slapped onto any mesh you want, and it'll generate dust atop the surface of it. You don't need to apply any rotation to the objects either, as the dust is generated based on the worlds Z axis. If you wish to rotate your objects, the dust will always stay on top... Truly, Procedural!

True-Rocks, rocks; are optimized for Render speed too! Cleverly modeled with modifiers, which allow smooth Viewport speed, short Render build times, but incredible details!

True Rocks, allows you to: 

  • Change the rock colors (there are 5 colored parts of the rock, to give a realistic pallet)
  • Change the type of displacement you want on the rock
    • Control the Rock veins
    • Control the Rock 'Rockiness'
    • Multiply both
  • Adjust the rocks weathered look
  • Adjust the squash and squeeze of the overall generated textures (allowing for strata formations)
  • Add an outline to the rocks, for a more stylised look
  • Generate dust/snow (surface cover)
  • Control Rock Roughness or even Flip the roughness value
  • Control Dust Roughness, color, displacement, mapping, among other options.


True Rock comes complete with, 13 Rock shapes, 1 general shader type, but several variations of this, to suit different object sizes, a Dust generation shader, an outline generator, and an HDRi world. I've included all of these, because I know how hard it can be, to create work to the best of your potential on a shoe-string budget!


Things to come?

  • More Rock types
  • More Materials (like polished rocks, gemstones, marbles and more!)
  • Full EEVEE integration (currently works in test builds, but will update for release build)

The Possibilities are endless with True-Rocks, See how you can bring your Environments to life!

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Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 3 years ago
Software Version 2.79
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
Misc Data Low & High Resolution
License Royalty Free
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