The Creature

by p2design in Models

The product documentation with illustration is available in this purshase in pdf format. here is its content:





Hi! Thanks for having purshased this model and I hope it will give you as pleasure as I had to do it.


To make this creature I’ve been using few addons that are really usefull. - layer manager (for both bones and layers) : - Color palette : Please note that a better tool is now available on blender 2.72 - Save all render layers and passes : Super usefull if you’re doing post production in another software than blender. A node group is already set to save key passes.


The current blend file has been done in blender 2.71 and has been updated for blender 2.72. It includes: - Full body and facial rigg - idle, run cycle, intermediate actions. - Custom bone shapes - All textures and shaders (normal map texture has been added even if not used on the current model) for cycle rendering. - 2 displacement modifier already set - Dynamic muscle deformation using driven shapekeys by constrained bones. The file doesn’t include any other assets (no light, no ground...)


The model includes 4 diffenrt shaders. One skin shader, one nail shader and 2 shaders for the eyes. These are pretty simple shaders. Please note I havn’t used cycles SSS shader to be able to render the creature with GPU and generaly speaking to render frames rapidly. It allows animation rendering to be more handy sacrifying realism.


The Creature custom rig is pretty close to the human meta rig. It includes both FK and IK for arms and legs, a full facial and body controlers. All bones are classified in bone groups and bone layers properly named. - All layers including the prefix CTRL are used for animation. - MCH layers include the mechanism bones - DRIVER layer include the bones used to activate muscular shapekeys. - UI include the user interface on top of the rig to enable the different features as below. UI board : 1) the BREAF cursor allow you to inflate or deflate the creature’s chest to simulate breathing (I know, there is a mistake in the word breaf... sorry I’m french) 2) ROT-SHOULDER cursors allow you to enable or disable arm inheriting rotation fonction from the shoulder. 3)FK-ARM cursors allow you to enable or disable IK and FK on the arms. 4)FK-FOOT cursors allow you to enable or disable IK and FK on the legs. Most of the rig is pretty fluent when you give it a try so I will only cover specific bones that may not be so obvious. Hand rig : 1) the finger bone can be rotated to rotate the whole finger and can be scaled to activate the curvature of the finger. The foot rig works the same way. 2) The palm bone allow you to give a more natural curvature of the hand for specific situations. 3) As the leg is not humanoid, it includes an additional controler that works  pretty much as a pole target, allowing you to change rear articulation orientation. 4) Face bones allow you to activate all the driven shapekeys for facial expressions. 5) Natural muscle deformation of the arms, breast, and leg articulation are automaticlay performed by the driven shapekeys. This feature is covered in the current tutorial : 6)The eye-target-root bone allow you to control eyes orientation. While scaling the bone allow you to dilate/contract the pupil. The eye bones are just here to help you figuring where the creature is looking.


The custom-shape-chest mesh available on latest layer is just here to clean up the outliner. All custome shape bones meshes are here and parented to it so that the outliner doesn’t show the whole list of meshes in its root menu. this documentation is now completed. Please feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any needs on [email protected]