Smart Shaders: Vol.1

by Boundless Blending in Materials, Shaders, Textures

There is a file provided with this product called: Smart_Shaders_Vol I (Boundless Blending).zip

It is a compressed file. So first you need to extract the file from it. You can use WinRAR for example.

Once you extract the file, Smart_Shaders_Vol I (Boundless Blending).blend you are half-way done!

Open your blender project and click File>>Append or press Shift+F1.

Navigate to the product file Smart_Shaders_Vol I (Boundless Blending).blend and click on it.

Now, click Material and then select the material(s) you want to add to your project.

Once you click on Append, the material can then be added onto your desired object.

*If you want realistic results, make sure the Axis-Selector settings and Scale are accurate. Play around with them until it looks correct.

*It is also recommended to use HDR Lighting to get the most photo-realistic renders.