Set Of Glasses

by Krasnoselskiy Vladimir in Models

Set of glasses from Luminarc

33 pieces

All glasses are made in real size and with real volumes.

- Blend file with a customized PBR glass material for Cycles render

- FBX file with subdivided glasses

- FBX file with not subdivided glasses

- OBJ file with subdivided glasses

- OBJ file  with not subdivided glasses

List of glasses:

Luminarc Acrobate 270ml

Luminarc Acrobate 320ml

Luminarc Allegresse 175ml

Luminarc Allegresse 300ml

Luminarc Allegresse 420ml

Luminarc Allegresse 550ml

Luminarc Arcroc Etalone 65ml

Luminarc Aro 170ml

Luminarc Celeste 270ml

Luminarc Celeste 350ml

Luminarc Celeste 580ml

Luminarc Celeste450ml

Luminarc Equip Home high glass 350ml

Luminarc French Brasserie 250ml

Luminarc French brasserie 280ml

Luminarc French Brasserie 330ml

Luminarc Islande 330ml

Luminarc Islande Lounge Club 300ml

Luminarc Lario 290ml

Luminarc Lounge Club 300ml

Luminarc Octime 300ml

Luminarc Octime 330ml

Luminarc Signature 170ml

Luminarc Signature 190ml

Luminarc Signature 250ml

Luminarc Sire de Cognac 410ml

Luminarc Sterling 330ml

Luminarc Sublime 210ml

Luminarc Ultim 210m!

Luminarc Val Surloire low glass 360ml

Luminarc Versailles 160ml

Luminarc Versailles 360ml

Luminarc Versailles 410ml