Random Object Array

by ARTunchained in Scripts and Addons

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  • Houng Tsang,Ding 5 months ago

    Hello! This addon is nice ,but I have a question,why when I used target mesh it's not working? thank you so much

    • artunchained 4 months ago

      Thank you for your support and good rating. Please check the product page about your question, we're still working on it. Still missing that part of the new API documentation but there may be an update to this soon.

  • ED 8 months ago

    A useful addon. Blender should have these options by default.
    Only downside for me is that the number of copies is not animatable.
    No response from author.

    • artunchained 4 months ago

      We had experimental animations way back in the beginning. But keyframe animation, as you would expect to work like in internal tools, just isn't possible with a python add-on. It would mean to write our own graph-interpolation, which is beyond our scope, skills and budget. Blender's API simply doesn't allow us to manipulate keyframe data, like position or rotation, and add our randomized value. And Blender doesn't wait for a Python addon to finish it's calculations when Blender is advancing in frames while rendering. In short: Too many issues we simply couldn't solve.

  • jacobo 11 months ago

    I have a project in which I need to scatter various objects but it seems that since object groups have been deprecated as of 2.8 and replaced with collections, I can only scatter copies of a single object. When are you planning on making ROA fully 2.8 compatible?

    • artunchained 4 months ago

      It's not a matter of planing. We invested heavily, both time and money, to provide as many of the old features as possible. The rollout of the 2.8 API wasn't exactly making us add-on developers very happy, being unasked for, completely undocumented and removing lots of features we rely on for our addons to work. If you're in need of these features, many people just use a copy of Blender 2.79 side-by-side, it's uncomfortable but it works.

  • charlie over 1 year ago

    thank you for your admirable effort on this great tool, and the excellent documentation!

  • monkriss almost 2 years ago

    Much much needed addon. I was creating a scene with 1000's of high poly trees and this helped me so so much, especially with the proxy feature allowing me to render this scene on just my normal gtx 1080. amazing

  • brent3d over 3 years ago

    ROA 7.7 is crazy good!! Just brilliant and love the Grid option, no more stacking Array Modifiers to create rows of seating, etc. Keep it up!

  • Nikolay Vasyukov over 3 years ago

    Great addon!

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