Procedural Textured Eye - Super Simple To Edit

by Sanctus in Models

Super simple to edit Procedural textured eye for Blender, fully customizable and compatible with Cycles and EEVEE.

-No need to edit the materials at all, just change the values to create all sort of cool eyes and animations.

-Iris dilates and contracts textures as the pupil changes size

-34 settings to create a wide range of eye styles

-2 iris shapes
-Eye presets included (cloned Materials)
-Text with the default values included in the material frame
-Compatible with EEVEE and Cylces
-Change pupil ratio to make vertical and horizontal pupils
-Glowing iris option

Complete Settings (v1.1)

Iris + Pupil Node

Eyeball Node

6/26/2020 - Added more control over the veins.

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