Pose People Sixpack 001

by Humanoid in Models

Package with six different people.

These figures are made for easy high-speed rendering and low memory usage.
They have between 10.000 and 14.000 triangles per figure and use only one single texture for color.

An optional normal-map for fine surface details is included but not assigned with the materials.

these figures are made for easy and fast rendering
while keeping attention to skin tones and texture sharpness.

color and normal map are made in 8K natively.

pose0001 - 12914 triangles
pose0002 - 13090 triangles
pose0003 - 13196 triangles
pose0004 - 13598 triangles
pose0005 - 12660 triangles
pose0011 - 10508 triangles

In this package, you get the 6 blend files for blender 2.8 and above, as well as 6 color textures and 6 normal maps in jpg format at 8192x8192 resolution.

you can resize the textures to 4096 or 2048 for even less memory usage, if you keep them further away from the camera.

10% of all my sales get send to the blender development fund