Material Nodes Addon

by New Media Supply in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Mhmdnopy 4 months ago

    Very good addon , Great response from blender market support and develober

    • Robert Wesseling 4 months ago

      Hi Mhmdnopy, yes that was quite an adventure, but all turned out well. Working on an update this week to make use of some new features of Blender 2.83. If there is something you would like to see in the documentation, let me know.

  • moontan 12 months ago

    very good set of shaders that are easy to use.
    and also great documentation and video tutorials.
    perfect for a Blender newbie like me! :)

    • Robert Wesseling 12 months ago

      Hi Moontan,

      Good to hear you are happy with the Material Nodes Addon. Coming weeks I will make some more tutorials which are useful for every-one, even if they don't have the material nodes addon. And in case you would like to see your favorite node-group in the addon, let me know. I will then take a look at it and see if that will benefit other users.



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