Matcap Collection For Blender

by Dmitriy Bedrik in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Hello creator!

    The total number of queues reaches 378 with resolution 1024x1024.

    I have split the matcaps into 4 categories.

  •     #ColorLighting     - Color Lighting,     it is good for     showing your model.      

  •      #FakeGlass     - Fake  Glass.     In fact, I tried to do something similar to glass, from different     angles and for models of complex shapes, some of these matt-caps     really make the model look like glass in a viewport.

  •     #PortraitLighting     - Portrait Lighting.     Once I studied a textbook on lighting in photography, I found a huge     number of photographed subjects under various lighting. 99% of these     black and white mattresses, they show your model under different     lighting angles as if the model consisted of chalk or porcelain.

  •     #SculptMatCap     - Matcaps for  sculpting.     Each of these matcaps     I testet for     ease of use, the white level (so as not blind the monitor) is     optimally adjusted, in general there are matcaps     for every taste.

Installation and use.

Video Tutorial:

Text  Manual:

For version 2.79.

It is a simple way to use matcaps, using the "Materials" preview mode. To do this, you need to create a material in which there will be a chain of nodes, as shown in the image below. Note that the output shader is Emission. Depending on requirements, you can connect nodes of brightness or contrast. Although I tried to make sure that this was not required, since every mat-cap was checked for comfort for vision

For version 2.8.

Since the interface was radically updated in 2.8, and many new chips were added, you can use the matcaps directly from the menu (although there is still not very convenient - there is a separate panel for this in the 3D-Coat) of the blender.

What is needed for this.

1. Switch to the "Solid" display mode if it is not worth it.

2. After that, go to the viewport display.

If you click on the preview of the matcap, several built-in matcaps will appear.

3. Now click on the gear, a new window will open.

4. Click on the "install" button.

Highlight the matcaps you want to use. At the moment it does not work through Shift like in Windows Explorer.

5. You need to select them with a frame. Then click "set light".

6. Then click "Install Custom Studio Light".


Now new mattcap appear in the blender.

Also, you can immediately install all the matcaps (you will need to restart the blender).

To do this, go to the path " C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\datafiles\studiolights\matcap " , where you copy the selected matcaps. After that, they appear in a blender, as usual.

You can use these matcaps as, in fact, matcaps for viewport, however you cannot build matcaps themselves into other programs and use them in any other way without my consent.