Jeane Spline

by Pierre in Scripts and Addons

What does Jeane Spline do?

Jeane Spline adds rotation and location delay effects and noise modifiers to bones in an armature animation. The delay effects are similar to the principles of squash and stretch, follow through and overlapping action. Using Jeane Spline, you can quickly loosen up stiff motion.

(Please see the Documentation tab for an overview of the Jeane Spline menu and two examples of use! MP4 video guide versions of the documentation as well as a PDF copy are provided with Jeane Spline.)

How does Jeane Spline work?

When you use Jeane Spline on a bone or chain of bones, Jeane Spline bakes the rotation and location of each bone to a set of empties and reapplies it to each bone with a delay, smoothing and noise. Jeane Spline does not change the keyframes of your original animation for non-looping animations, so the effect can be quickly added, tweaked or removed.

Features of Jeane Spline

Tutorials and Documentation

A Jeane Spline guide is included with Jeane Spline in the form of mp4 videos and a PDF, so that you can see how Jeane Spline integrates into your workflow.

Collection Management for Empties

Jeane Spline creates many empties to generate delay effects. Each armature that Jeane Spline is applied to will have a collection containing the empties relating to that armature. That way, you can manage the visibility of empties for each armature you are working on.

Frame Wrap-Around for Looping Animations

Jeane Spline can include a frame wrap-around when you apply the effect to your animation, so that your animation loops seamlessly.

Noise Modifiers for Ambient Movement

You can add motion noise to selected bones along with the Jeane Spline effect to add liveliness to your animation.

Effect Influence Control and Effect Influence Keyframing

You can quickly change the amount of location and rotation delay on selected bones from the Jeane Spline menu. You can also keyframe the influence of the effect from the Jeane Spline menu to disable it in regions of the animation where you don't want it.

Nondestructive Tweaking

Jeane Spline allows you to apply, remove and update the effect on selected bones simply by changing the settings in the Jeane Spline menu and clicking the apply button.

Jeane Spline Releases

  • Version 1.0.4 - Initial Release
  • Version 1.0.5 - Code updates to handle fast movements and include motion noise
  • Version 1.0.5 for Blender 2.8 - Updated code and documentation for Blender 2.8

Limitations of Jeane Spline

Inverse Kinematics

Jeane Spline is intended to be applied to FK bones. Because Jeane Spline uses IK and location constraints, it is limited when applied to bones with existing IK or location constraints. However, Jeane Spline will not interfere with existing constraints, so you can animate transitions between IK handles and the Jeane Spline effect.

Looping Animations

Jeane Spline can take considerable time to apply the delay effect to looping animations once the apply button has been pressed. Short animations or animations with very fast movements may be dampened by the looping animation option. This is because keyframes are baked every 3 frames in an effort to cut down baking time and make frame wrap-around more successful.

Why has Jeane Spline been created?

Jeane Spline has been created to reduce the amount of time spent manually baking motion to achieve delay effects on armature animation. Jeane Spline author Pierre uses Jeane Spline for quickly adding final touches to his animation, so that he may spend much less time tweaking keyframes in the dope sheet and the graph editor.

Jeane Spline on GitHub

The source code for Jeane Spline is also available on GitHub. Please view the link below for the Jeane Spline GitHub project.

(Please note that Jeane Spline on GitHub does not include the in-depth documentation that is available in the Blender Market version.)