Hdri Lighting Studio & Editor

by Vlad T. Mafteiu-Scai in Scripts and Addons

Studio Lighting in Blender

All current 2.79x customers can upgrade to 2.8 version by downloading the files from this thread. Please mind that the 2.8 version does come with some bugs and performance issues depending on the machine and OS.


All sales will go towards the Blender Development fund.

HDRI Lighting Studio & Editor is a Blender add-on that helps you light your scenes by offering you procedural and image based lighting tools with plenty of settings located in convenient panels for quick access and flexibility.

As lighting artists ourselves, we created this add-on to help us with our studio work. As a result our lighting workflow improved substantially by allowing us to experiment more, create more precise results and cut our work time more than half.

With HDRI Lighting Studio PRO, you’ll experiment with new lighting setups, and create your professional render right away.

"This is an excellent lighting tool and one that any product designer or illustrator will benefit greatly from. It brings Keyshot style lighting design to Blender, and I couldn't be more pleased." - Steve Warner

We've been featured by Evermotion and CGPress!


  • Work on the Canvas, and move lights in the right position
  • Light properties such as position, size, rotation and rounded corners.
  • Make a light have from several procedural shapes such as Ellipses and Polygon shapes (triangles, squares, pentagons etc). 
  • Hide, Solo or Lock any Light
  • Independent light bulb settings with brightness curve editing.
  • Real time updates in preview render for Cycles.
  • Mix any Image with procedural lights or use a FlatColor or a Gradient Fill. Gradient Fill comes with various default Blender color interpolations, plus Linear, Radial and ConicalFalloffs with advanced controls for each.
  • Multiple Blend Modes supported: Mix, Add, Multiply
  • Painting tools in Blender allow you to paint light where you wish on the HDR environment and mix the result with procedural light objects.
  • Light linking for single object. Including/Excluding Lists coming in Blender 2.8
  • Save your image as a 16bit or 32bit OpenEXR and Radiance HDR

Planned Updates for Blender 2.8

  • Faster Performance
  • Compositing Exclusion/Inclusion Object list
  • Support for V-Ray and Octane Render live previews
  • Duplicate and/or Link Light properties.
  • Grid Overlay
  • Interactive Light Selection
  • Other small improvements

Support for Blender 2.78 and 2.79. Only official releases are supported, for development builds use at your own risk. 

Instructions for installation and usage are included in the downloadable files.

Free Updates, Forever

We're are working on adding new features and improving this add-on for ourselves as well as for you. The next major update is for Blender 2.8 and while we won't charge for any further updates, donations are welcomed to support us with development.

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  • Added option to disable light linking for projects that use a lot of objects. This

    would cause the situation where tens or hundreds of new scenes would have been created.

  • Various Bug Fixes


  • Blender 2.78 support
  • Image Scaling
  • Bug Fixes