Granite Shader

by framestore in Materials, Shaders, Textures

About the shader

The granite shader is a high quality Cycles Node-group that allows you to create realistic granite surfaces with a few clicks.


The shader provides some easy to use parameters to create the results you want to achieve. Here’s a list of all the inputs that can be changed:

scaleThis value defines the scale of the procedural texture.If you increase the value the details get smaller and the size of the texture increases.
Chrystal densityThis value defines how much of the granite texture is covered with the bright Chrystal like structures.
Chrystal colourThis is the colour of the crystals
Chrystal subsurfaceThis is the colour that is used for the subsurface scattering.
Granite mixThis value defines the mix between dark and bright granite.If you increase the value the amount of bright granite increases too.
Dark colourThe colour of the darker granite
Bright colourThe colour of the brighter granite
Bump strengthThe amount of bump that is applied to the surface
VectorThis is the texture coordinates Vector.