Gobo's Plus - Procedural & 4K Gobos For Cycles + Eevee

by SMOUSE in Render Setups

Gobos Plus Procedural & Real-Time 4K Gobos For Cycles & EEVEE, Make the Gobo's your own! All of our Procedural Gobo presets are intentionally designed to have important levels of control and customizability. They all also come with universal settings such as general Properties, Animation (if applicable), and Mapping Settings. Includes Water Caustics! Vast Controllability Laser Projection Cause everything is cooler with lasers! By utilizing the Procedural Gobo presets (especially the grid ones) you can create stunning laser-like effects! Everything from outlined shape lasers, grid lasers, and sharks with freaking laser beams! These can be perfect shortcuts for EDM tour visuals, 80s aesthetics, sci-fi vfx, or whatever you can think of! Performance Traditional Gobo packs are Heavy! Gobos Plus brings a versatile library of Procedural and Efficient 4K Gobos, to both Cycles & EEVEE! Take a look at our Video performance vs. the current best-selling solutions! Both examples are in cycles Gobos Plus - 4K Gobo Current Best Selling - 1080p Gobo EEVEE Support For real! As of now, no current leading Gobo pack states support for EEVEE, some even straight-up refuse support! We're not sure why as EEVEE is 100% capable! We made sure our users were covered and are able to use our Gobo's for whatever need they may have, whether it's in Cycles or EEVEE! Visit the FAQ tab at the top of this page to learn more. EEVEE Viewport Performance EEVEE also provides real-time playback of the Animated Video Gobo's in the viewport! 53 Presets 12 Animated 4K Trees + 41 Procedural Presets Rendered by Church Green Visuals, using Gobos Plus & Shaders Plus We made sure to include as many procedural options as possible for most use case scenarios. Here's an up close preview of just a few! Procedural Plant Procedural Window Procedural Blinds Procedural Shapes Ringed Shapes Animated Fan Tile Patterns Underwater Caustics Lighting Array Grid Generator Cross Grid Advanced Grids Entire Volume 1 Presets Intuitive Design Build your own Gobo's, with Layers! All of the presets were designed to be intuitively used in a layer system. Need different trees behind a window, but there's no preset? You can make your own! Pre-Blur With Realism, Details Matter! All Gobo presets come with a Pre-Blur effect! ...Wait what is that? Pre-Blur allows you to individually blur each Gobo layer, separate of the lights own softness. This is important for distinguishing shadow distance, as further away objects cast softer shadows than ones that are closer. In the Media! Check out what some creators have to say! Check out the sister addon! Shaders Plus Real-Time Caustics Continuous Dispersion Thin-Film Interference Learn more and Try it for Free today... Gumroad Blender Market Join us on Discord! Become an Affiliate! Fill out this form below to apply for an affiliate partnership, and earn up to 50% per commission! Anyone can get accepted, no prerequisites necessary!

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Published 4 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
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