Forest Watchtower

by saurabh's blender art shop in Models

This is a model of a forest watchtower.

The model comes with two texture of size 4048 x2048 along with - normal map, specularity map, displacement map, and occlusion map, all of the same size. You can use these textures in other models as well. 

The model has been made in blender2.79b. 

The model comes in following file format- a.)

  •  fbx (Watchtowerfbx.rar)
  • Obj (watchtower obj.rar)
  • 3ds (watchtower3ds.rar) 
  • blend file (it's not in the rar file)

The model has been tested in Unity and Ue4. 

The model is great for games as well (not for mobile) the model can be edited in game engines without opening them in any third party modeling software. 

The model is great for vr/ medieval/ scene add etc.

Hope you like the model thank you.