ELISA Rigged

by 3DNation in Models

Elisa is a young girl. Quad based model. Suitable for gaming and animation. 2K and 1K resolution textures included. Version 3 contains an advanced rig with facial features. Documentation included. Total polycount 26K and main body just contain 13K polys. Suitable for gaming and animation. 

The model can be used for gaming (Unity, Unreal), gaming (Unity, Unreal),  rendering, advertising.

The object is made of clean geometry. All parts of the model are in the real world scale, the model can be put simply in your scene.model can be put simply in your scene.
Very high detailed model - check high res render preview.

If you have any questions concerning the product or you need further support please contact the author. I am happy to help :)

Documetation included! 

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  • Dean Kang 6 months ago

    For the price you paid for this rigged figure, it's certainly not bad. It's rigged properly. Materials are easy to modify, so that's not an issue even if you dislike it.

    I kind of wish that there was a male figure to go with though.

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