Dripsleafs Plant Generator

by 1oodrips in Modifier Setups

DripsLeafs - Procedural Plant Generation

DripsLeafs lets you generate an infinite amount of plants.
It is based on a completely procedural setup with geometry nodes and shaders.

Included is a highly versatile Geometry Node Group and a flexible Shader Node Group.
Future updates are free.

  • 150+ Plant presets - fully customizable
  • 50+ Material presets - fully customizable
  • 1 highly versatile Geometry Node Group
  • 1 highly flexible Shader Node Group
  • Additional Shader Node Groups and helpers
  • Prepared as Asset Library for Blender Asset Browser
  • Instructions and Setup to export geometry and textures for external applications
  • Documentation included in .blend file
  • 3 example scenes
  • Additional node groups to create high definition plants (beta)

Created with performance in mind.
Works in Eevee and Cycles.

Update 0.2:

  • Added parameter to limit the leaf to the ground plane to avoid clipping problems

  • New Geometry Node Group and Shader Node Group to generate HD Plants! (Beta)

  • Topology optimization
  • Minor Bug Fix

Update 0.3:

  • New parameter to switch between different leaf shapes

  • Shape optimization - leafs stay sharp even on super close macro shots

  • Better normal maps

  • Included a script to automize the process of converting geometry node objects to meshes with proper UV's

  • New plant and material presets in asset library
  • Minor node optimizations

 Only Blender 3.4 and up! 

How to use:

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Published 4 months ago
Blender Version 3.4
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