Dodge Challenger Srt Hellcat

by MagicCGIStudios in Models

How To Import This model Into Blender/ your Blender Scene:

Unzip "Dodge_Hellcat_SRT.7z"

(7zip if you dont have it can be downloaded here :  ....its free.

After you have extracted the file:

1.Open Blender
2.Go to File........find and open `Dodge_Hellcat_SRT.Blend`

If you are adding the car to a current scene :

3.Select: Append
4.Go To Your Dodge_Hellcat_SRT Folder Location
5.Open: Dodge_Challenger_Hellcat_SRT - Object

Blender Version 2.79 and Cycles render engine used to create the model

All textures/images and associated files are included within the Blender file.

The default Colour comes with the associated maps

An extra Principled Shader is included within the node editor named `Car_Colour_U_Choose`, This is a super easy way to change the colour of the Car paint...…….just plug this into the material output. This Shader is pre-set as realistic Car Paint .

 The scene also contains HDRI Environment Lighting

The Model is a single Object but the parts can easily be separated if you so wish (eg...The Alloy wheels if you want to animate the Model)

All Objects are named accordingly within the Outliner

Hope you enjoy the has taken me a long time to create!!

  Please message me if you have any questions and i will do my upmost to help.

Thank you.