by Anastasios Papadonikolakis, MD in Scripts and Addons

Dicom2Mesh is a Python script Addon for Blender that allows the user to select a DICOM volume from within the Blender environment, generate a 3D surface mesh from those DICOM files and import the surface model in the STL format in Blender. In addition, it allows to browse the DICOM volumes, preview the DICOM slices prior to generation of the 3D model. In conjunction with the OrthoMesh3D it can be used to simplify the process of working with DICOM volumes and generating 3D surface mesh models of bones for virtual surgical planning. The Add on utilizes two open source free command line tools that run in the background during the process of importing the DICOM series to Blender as a 3D model. 

  • the DicomToMesh command tool which is written in C++ and utilizes the VTK library for conversion of CT dicom volume to a 3D mesh model
  • the ReadDICOMSeries command tool which is written in C++ and also utilizes the VTK library browsing and viewing DICOM images

The Dicomtomesh tool developed by Adrian Schneider, AOT AG (Advanced Osteotomy Tools) which requires prior successful installation of this open source software. The Dicomtomesh developed by Adrian Schneider is based on the VTK library. Several mesh processing routines can be enabled, such as mesh reduction, smoothing or cleaning, preview of the 3D mesh prior to importing to Blender, or use of the Advanced Osteotomy Tools interface to import the DICOM volume . The addon works on Linux, OSX and Windows. THIS IS A NON FDA approved software and it is NOT intended for clinical use.