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DeepTree is a set of lowpoly assets with detailed textures in a clever nodesetup.

A perfect balance between detail, fast rendertimes, and low ram use.

Usually lowpoly meshes, could make vast amounts of trees. But flat faces lack good shading, and shadowcasting.
Dense meshes of trees, on the other hand, use a lot of polygons. 

see an introductory tutorial here:

picks another route to solve the demand for ram-saving realistic trees:It projects hires textures onto lowpoly surfaces, as if they would be inside the mesh, rather than mapped onto the surface.
This way spatial depth is created independent from the polycount.
This mapping technique is unique and developed especially for this tree library.

Shifting all detail on the texture, and leaving geometry low, allowing for thousands if not millions of trees to fill the ram of your GPU. Get realistic shaded Trees without wasting RAM or rendertime.

You can purchase packs of 

  • 10 leaftrees
    20-70 faces per asset        

  • 5 palm trees and 4 tropical trees
    20-70 faces per asset        

  • 8 conifers
    20-50 faces per asset         

  • 7grass, 8 bushes and 3reed assets, 3 wheat assets

    20 faces per asset        

                       The fullpack includes the Deepgrass shader as a gift!

       This is the asset pack for any forestscene!


Blender offers complex vectormath nodesetups to make this happen.
The shaders project three different image textures into the mesh: one frontview, a sideview and a topview of branches and leafs.  

The fake depth of these textures work well with depth of field  

To cover the critical center, where the textures intersect, a fourth spherical texture of leafs is mapped around.
Since this projection works from any perspective, it also generates convenient shadowcasting leading to rich scenarios in a few seconds.

All Textures are packed into the blend files in the pack. They can be unpacked in order to modify them. 

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About the Creator: 

I am 3D artist in the advertising & television industry for 25 years.

While working on projects and teaching animation at design college since 1998, i studied physics at the university of vienna.
That equipped me with a solid toolset of math to use in 3D workflows.

I started programming Blender addons and noding vector operations into shaders around 2012.
I love how Blender and Cycles offer a lot of opportunities to speed up rendering and fake depth into surfaces in many ways.

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