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  • Piero 2 months ago

    This add-on hasn't definitely been praised enough.

    I'm only half-way the first tutorial on the Intersect Faces and I already find myself way more productive than I could have imagined.
    The workflow with Ian's add-ons and his tutorials it's straight to the point. At first, one might think it's basic or limited. All the opposite.
    What Ian achieved is a clear workflow that helps you keep the mesh very clean, be extremely fast, and focus on the creative part.
    The fact that the UI is simple doesn't distract me from constantly having to remember shortcuts or convoluted steps.

    I've bought other hard-surface add-ons, they all have their merits and I'm far from criticizing any of them. What is becoming clear to me is that each add-on reflects its developer's view of how to approach hard-surface modeling. Perhaps, I find Ian's method more intuitive to follow for my habits.
    The thing is, I would definitely give these add-ons more than 5 stars if I could!
    Very well done. Keep up the great work!

  • Aaron Schmidt 6 months ago

    Bought, and I do not regret it. First purchase from here and it gives me insight to the quality of the tools created here. If I could do more stars, I would... O.O

  • bunnyvoid 11 months ago

    Quickly becoming one of my favorite add-ons
    Can't wait for more updates. Hope we have more tutorials on the specific functions

  • Slink Jadranko 11 months ago

    Best hard surface tools I've used yet. Cleaner geometry, faster workflow, lots of options (boolean, real geometry or edge split modifier based). And always improving.

  • Diego 11 months ago

    Amazing tool easy to use. Definitely worth buying! plus the developer is very friendly and responsive.

  • dimitris about 1 year ago


  • Brian Madden over 1 year ago

    I'm loving this so far. I bought the bundle over a week ago mainly for icetools, which I haven't even used yet because I've been addicted to cuber. The developer is friendly and responsive and throws in some extras too. Well worth the money

  • Dávid Nnacheta almost 2 years ago

    So far Cuber is awsome. Makes my workflow so much faster. I'm able to use one tool that does so much. I have not used Ice Tools Pro as yet nor Dyntopo Plus but, I will update my rating and comments once I do.

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