Coniferous Forest Biome Generator

by Lazy3D in Modifier Setups

This Biome is a part of Naturescapes Pro Addon (can be used standalone, comes with biome manager script)

Just look at the natural scenes you can create in less than 15 minutes!

Instant Ecosystems

In as little as 7-14 minutes, you can build complex ecosystems, as shown in our demo videos. Experience the magic of rapid, automated terrain generation and detailed environmental customization.

What used to take you several hours of work can now be done in just a few minutes!

See for yourself in the timelapse videos below. The first scene took just 13 minutes, the second only 8 minutes

Key Features:

  • Rapid Terrain GenerationBegin with sand at lower elevations, and automatically generate rocky slopes and cliffs as you extrude upwards. Swamp biomes feature automatically generated water bodies with advanced water materials supporting ripples and rain splashes.

  • Physically Accurate Scattering: Achieve realistic distribution of vegetation with needles under trees and less grass in shaded areas.

  • Draw roads which will delete all vegetation near it and create new road material

  • Wind FunctionAdd realistic movement to your scene with a single click. Ambient wind is available for grass, ferns,bushes and trees.

  • Dynamic Materials: Enjoy smooth transitions between materials (sand, soil, rocks) for visually compelling scenes.

  • Draw Forest Tools: Each biome features its own tool, allowing you to paint forests at a distance for optimization purposes.

  • Advanced Optimization Features: Includes camera culling, proxy objects, fast previewer, and an optimizer button for animation.

More Coniferous Forest Biome renders

What You Will Get?

This addon includes two procedural generators: Coniferous Forest Biome and Coniferous Forest Draw, easily accessible via the Asset Browser for drag-and-drop functionality.

Additionally, the package contains:

65 Vegetation Assets: An array of trees, grass, moss, and stones, providing everything needed to create rich, realistic forest environments.

Your Feedback Matters

I am grateful for any feedback from users to make NatureScapes even better and more user-friendly. Just message me directly on Blender Market. I try to respond as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about using our product or pre-sale question, feel free to reach out via direct message on Blender Market or email us -

Technical Recommendations

It is recommended to use graphics cards with more than 10 gigabytes of memory. If you have less video memory, simply set the texture size to 2048 or 1024 in the simplify section. At a resolution of 1024, the required video memory for rendering a large scene is 3.5 gigabytes.

Also set Transparent max bounces value to 20 minimum if you render in Cycles!

Before you buy

While creating the addon, compromises were made for the sake of optimizing the procedural effect. Therefore, do not expect ultra-detailed tree trunks with tessellation. The trees are not designed for macro photography but are created with a compromise for performance. They are best used for medium-distance shots (at least 40-60 cm from the camera).

Due to its procedural and heavy effects, playback performance is significantly impacted, achieving only 4-5 fps in the viewport. To address this, I have created an 'Optimizer Button' for animated shots, which duplicates and realizes the mesh of your biome. Using this function with large environments can cause Blender to crash (this is not due to errors in the addon code, but rather a feature of Blender's Python). Therefore, it is recommended to save your file before optimizing, or use a proxy or fast previewer and optimize only the specific areas you need. This can greatly improve fps—from 4-5 fps to a stable 30 fps.

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Trees and Vegetation Models were made by Vyacheslav CGI