Color Palette Node

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Color Palette Node (CPN)

Node color palette is a powerful tool that allows you to customize the color of all the objects in the scene that are connected to the node color palette. This node allows you to create colorful, trendy color palettes for your projects.

Quickly and efficiently!

In one click, after setup, you can generate a beautiful color palette, pleasant for the eyes.

Just add "color palette node" and connect to nodes shaders. Click "Generate" and get ready color palette, which is updated in all shaders, which is connected "CPN".

Create and edit color of objects in the scene in real time!
All nodes "CPN" are synchronized (in all materials). This allows you to customize the color of the object in any shader tree.

Online modes!

Take advantage of online mode, if you have internet connection!

Generate by color!
Specify the color as a reference and get the palette with the same color!

Generate popular colors in recent time!
Generate a color palette of the popular in recent times.

Steal like an artist!
Use the site! You can get the colors used in other people's design work.

  • Copy the link to artwork with the color you like
  • Paste this link in the window "Dribbble shot:"
  • Click "Generate" and you will get the same palette of colors!

Color palette node v2 features:

  • Import Adobe pallette files (.ase)
  • World shader support
  • Reverse palette
  • New palettes in offline library

In development (v3):

  • Generate color palette by color harmonies
  • Realtime hue shift colors in the palette (Done)
  • Support Blender 3.0 (In progress)

And more…

Attention! This version does not work for mac os sierra or higher (only offline mode)

Alpha v3 available (unstable)

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