Cgc Hardwood Shader Collection

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Extremely flexible, entirely procedural wood shaders.

Whether it's a piece of fine furniture, a gun stock, hardwood floor, or kitchen cabinets, this collection offers you a complete solution for texturing and shading anything made of finished hardwood. With 20 presets across 6 species of popular hardwood species, you can simply apply any of the fine-tuned presets to your model. In addition you can take advantage of the extensive "CGC_hardwood" shader node - which all presets are built upon - for further fine-tuning or for generating a new, custom species.

gfx_presets20 Presets

All presets have been crafted out of the CGC_hardwood shader to accurately represent their respective species: Cedar, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Rosewood, and Walnut. While still offering many settings, these presets are concentrated versions of the underlying hardwood shader for easy append-and-apply usability.

grx_hardwood_shaderCGC_hardwood Shader Node

The real meat of the collection is the comprehensive CGC_hardwood shader node. All 48 settings are designed to offer incredible control to the user: Texture coordination transformation, ring count and variation, pores, streaking, figuring, reflection, anisotropy, bump mapping, and more!

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