[V.1.1.0] Blender Atelier: Sculpt (2.80/2.81)

by jfmatheu in Scripts and Addons

Version 1.1.0 is OUT !


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Purpose of this Project

  • To have a complete but clean UI for sculpt mode where you just need the 3d viewport to sculpt, without properties panel and others, just to focus in sculpt as it is!
  • To streamline the sculpting workflow with quick access tools and better ones!
  • To extend funcionality with new tools and proposals about existing tools in just one addon!
  • And for the last one... To sculpt like a pro!

Actual Addon's Version:

0.5.6 (2.80) (New Sculpt UI)

1.1.0 (2.81) (Blender Atelier: Sculpt)


Video - Version 1.1.0

Video - Version 0.5.0 [so OLD]

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