Bendy Spline Control "Rig"

by blenderig_master in Scripts and Addons

Bendy Spline Control Rig is part of small rigging add-on, you can use it as a controller, you can use simple rigging to get advance control of rigging, this helps a lot of animation quality to get arch animation poses, this system only works with bendy bones, as we know that bendy bones system is future of rigging system in blender , I believe many riggers in the world wants a better system in blender rigging, we hope our addon can be trigger of new way of animation rigging and animation process

Rigging is not easy for many people, every animation wants simple rigging with high quality in output, our goals is making simple in making an animation with the simple controller to make animator easily reach their goals as animation result.

this rigging only helps to make an arch shape only from one bone, this can be used for many rigging systems, this addon as third party tools not as main rigging process.