Asset Production Mini-Course

by Blender Guru in Training

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  • Jules Blendermarket 2 months ago

    Fantastic course and tutor. I have learnt an incredible amount and can't wait to apply these new skills to my own assets. Looking forward to future courses. Thank you!

  • Kip Yeackley about 2 years ago

    Great way to support the production of these quality tutorials.

  • Jared over 2 years ago

    Great teacher. Very considered and well produced. Thanks very much.

  • Belvane over 2 years ago

    Trademark Blender Guru quality - professional, concise, clear, well-explained, easy to follow, not too slow, not too fast, no time wasted on 'umm' or boring tweaking so common with many other tutorials; and every mistake kept in the videos serves to teach us something. I watched this whole thing on Youtube and it's worth so much more than 10$ in terms of what is teaches and how convenient it is. I hope many people buy this so Andrew Price can keep making his tutorials - which are the best Blender teaching there is, up there alongside Aidy Burrows and Gleb Alexandrov.

  • Quang Tien over 2 years ago

    where file to download, i have purchase but can't see button download ?

  • brent kjernisted almost 3 years ago

    What I have watched so far is tremendous. The uv unwrapping video is one of the best I have seen on uv unwrapping. The video should also apply to uv unwrapping architectural models. Thanks

  • omniomi almost 3 years ago

    Great course. My only gripe is that the texture included is not the texture used in the course and I could not for the life of me figure out why mine didn't look the same until I figured that out.

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