Sculptors Toolbox - Ultimate Brushes

by Jim Morren in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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Installation Instructions

(To see in full size, open gif in a new tab)

                       1) Extract the downloaded files in a save place in on your PC

                       2) Open Blender 3d and append the brushes you want to import, toggle 'Fake User' on
                       import to keep the brushes in your project on reloading.

                       3) If you want to only use certain brushes for just one session do not toggle 'Fake User',
                       this way you the brushes will delete on reloading

                       4) If you want to save the brushes in your startup file you will need to set the external
                       data path absolute, otherwise the brushes will not function properly 

                       (If you get grey Icons you didn't apply this step)

If you are having difficulties or need any further help feel free to contact me using the blender market support feature.