Touchwood Chair And Bookmatch Table By Hem

by Daiksi in Models

Bookmatch table:
Bookmarks of the pavement of the nature. Mirrored solid wood edges are left raw. The Bookmatch is engineered for lightness while retaining its natural and simple origin. Flat packed and assembled in moments. 

 Touchwood chair:
Touchwood is a beautifully realized wooden stacking chair. Scandinavian charm to draw the eye. The subtly curved seat provides the comfort. Touchwood is available in various colors and is stackable. 


Bookmatch Table Dimensions: L: 220 x W: 90 x H: 73 cm
Touchwood Chair Dimensions: L: 52 x W: 50 x H: 79 cm

 -uvw unwrapped.
-low poly with subdivision modifier.

-fbx export