by MACHIN3 in Scripts and Addons

MACHIN3tools is a free, continuously evolving collection of blender tools and pie menus in a single customizable package.

Check out the previous videos for versions 0.3.13 and 0.3.14 as well as the original video introduction for version 0.3. There's also some (for now) lackluster documentation, mostly just changelogs.

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  •     on Blender 2.83 - 2.91
  •     from the zip file



  •     Smart Vert
  •     Smart Edge
  •     Smart Face
  •     Clean Up
  •     Clipping Toggle
  •     Focus
  •     Mirror and Un-Mirror
  •     Align
  •     Apply Transformations
  •     Select
  •     MeshCut
  •     Filebrowser tools
  •     Smart Drive
  •     Unity Export
  •     Customize

Pie Menus

Pie Menus

Note, Pie menus in MACHIN3tools, typically provide a whole set of new custom tools themselves, they are not just a re-arrangement of native Blender tools.

  •     Modes Pie
  •     Save Pie
  •     Shading Pie
  •     Views Pie
  •     Align Pie
  •     Cursor and Origin Pie
  •     Transform Pie
  •     Snapping Pie
  •     Collections Pie
  •     Workspace Pie
  •     Tools Pie


  • Quad Sphere