Blender 2.79 Dinosaur Creation-Complete Workflow

by Yojigraphics in Training

All files source files are available and organized with the same name of the videos. Other assets and textures are separated in assets folder.

Good training!



Chapter 1 Allosaurus Modeling

1.1-Introducing the Allosaurus

1.2-Insert references images

1.3-Modeling the body

1.4-Modeling front leg

1.5-Modeling hind leg

1.6-Join geometries

1.7-Modeling the head

1.8-Modeling the eyes

1.9-Modeling teeth and spine thorns

1.10-Refining before sculpt

Chapter 2 Sculpting Allosaurus

2.1-Interface and multiresolution modifier

2.2-Sculpting muscles and joints – hind legs

2.3-Sculpting muscles and joints – front legs

2.4-Sculpting muscles and joints – body

2.5-Sculpting muscles and joints – head

2.6-Sculpting wrinkles 1 manually

2.7-Sculpting wrinkles 2 With alpha textures

2.8-Sculpting scales With alpha textures

2.9-Sculpting scales  and veins With alpha textures

Chapter 3 UV Mapping

3.1-UV Unwrap the mesh 

3.2-UV Map Edition 

Chapter 4 Baking

4.1-Normal map baking 

4.2-Ambient occlusion map baking 

4.3-Curvature map baking 

Chapter 5 Texture paint mode

5.1-Interface configuration and optimization

5.2-Painting the eyes the teeth and thorns

5.3-Skin Color variation  1 Base

5.4-Skin Color variation  2 Smear Brush 

5.5-Skin Color variation  3 Alpha texture 

5.6-Skin Color variation  4 Procedural texture 

5.7-Roughness map and subsurface scattering map creation 

Chapitre 6 shading

6.1-Main shader creation 

6.2-Nodes organization

Chapitre 7 Rigging

7.1-Armature creation

7.2-Parenting armature - deformation test 

7.3-Constraints creation 

7.4-Armature customization 

Chapitre 8 Animation

8.1-Walk cycle 

8.2-Run cycle 


8.4-Mixing animations  

Chapitre 9 Scene creation and render image

9.1-Ground creation 

9.2-Posing and framing  

9.3-Add rocks and ferns

9.4-Add little rocks

9.5-Final render and simple compositing