30 Human And Creature Eyeball Set

by Daniel F.R. Gordillo in Models

Coming Soon! Big update with 100% procedural textures, new geometry and new eye types! So, the old file will still be available, but starting today, at half the price!

30 human & creature eyeball set

Human, Cat-like, Goat-or-octopus-like, fresh zombie, rotting zombie, demon AND 5 NEW "ALIEN" EYES! ... they're all here! Add personality to your characters and sculptures with this 25-piece set of eyes with animatable Iris and modular interchangeable 4K textures and materials! I found myself making the same eyes again and again for my creatures, so I decided to spend some time and produce this asset library so I could focus in the other aspects of character development. There's 5 different models and 25 variations but you can create more just by re-combining materials, but there's also the option of adding new colors in the material's nodes and create your own!

Polygon Count:

  1. Human eye mesh: 1248 triangles
  2. Cat eye mesh: 960 triangles
  3. Goat eye mesh: 864 triangles
  4. Zombie eye mesh: 1120 triangles
  5. Low Poly Human eye mesh: 304 triangles