30 Awesome Procedural Volumetric Spheres & Bonus Course With 2 Projects

by 3Dmodelmonk in Models

These are 30 procedural volumetric sphere with different effects.

It took a long time of experimentation and "accidents" to create these spheres and i hope you fellow blender users can create some cool still or animations with it.  

On most of the sphere the procedural texture can be animated in different ways to make the sphere suitable for many fantasy/sci fi scenes or animations. 

All the shaders are in different blend files. 

Update 07.08.2017: Added three more volumetric shaders. 

Update 30.10.2018: Added two bonus video tutorial course with two  awesome projects as shown in the  introduction video below:

Make sure you download the latest 2.79 blender version from the official website before starting the video tutorial course.