Better Search on the Blender Market

As the Blender Market has grown, recently passing 2,500 products and over 75,000 sales, the ability to find what you're looking for has become increasingly more difficult. That is, until today!

We have just deployed an update to our search feature that makes search results far more relevant. 

Previously we used a combination of parameters for finding products when searching, such as titles, descriptions, and the tags on the products. We also made use of something called fuzzy searching, whereby partial matches and typos would still return relevant results. Or at least that was the intent. For example, searching for retoplogoy would match retopology. 

This worked well initially, when the Blender Market's product list was much smaller. Now that the catalogue has grown dramatically it no longer cuts it. Most searches resulted in dozens and dozens of mismatches, even when searching for an exact product name. Being shown cars and trees when searching for carpets wasn't helping anyone find what they needed.

Starting today we have dramatically improved the search results by putting more weight on titles and only utilizing fuzzy searching when too few products are found for a given search. Search results are now much more relevant and finding an exact product is a breeze! Search results will also be sorted by relevance by default, rather than publish date, ensuring that the most relevant products are shown first. 

Cheers and happy blending!

P.S. Have you experienced any other problems while trying to find the right product? Simply leave a comment below to let us know.


  • Egor

    over 3 years ago

    Is there any way to search just in a specific category? 

    When I'm using the keyword "parent" to search for parenting scripts, I don't really need "Moka Coffee Pot" and "Fruit Pack Vol.1 - Fruit Bowl" models (as well as other 13 pages of 3d models) showing in the results.

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