I'm a 37 years old, selfemployed 3D artist, graphics & web designer and experienced coder from Freiburg, Germany. I've been in love with Blender since 2003, slowly but surely replacing Lightwave at that time. I'm a fan of all kind of PC Games, from Retro over Indie to modern AAA titles. I'm also a big fan of Unreal Engine 4, but don't have as much time to play with it as I wished. Working from my home office, in an apartment, where I live with my wife and my son, I'm using mostly open source software, also running 2 Linux servers and occasionally building tiny render clusters consisting of less than 3 PCs. I had worked in all kinds of strange IT jobs, from building PCs all day to coding PHP on a single project for over two years, had my share with the music & concert business, being a Pizza driver, and now I'm glad to be where I am today. I may be poor, but life is more important than money, I think. TL;DR I'm a designer and coder from Germany. Thanks for visiting my site and taking a peek at my stuff on the market. Happy Blending!